Multiplayer Football Club Ownership Game

Football President is a cryptocurrency token based management / simulation game where players compete to own the biggest football (soccer) clubs.

This web site will give you more information on the project and how you can apply for the pre-sale.

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The Elevator Pitch

You have five minutes, explain what this is and why I should be interested!

What is it?

A multiplayer game where players obtain the capital to purchase a club, then hire and sack managers, coaches and staff, expand the stadium and facilities and splash out in the virtual transfer market and stock exchanges.

Is this a unique idea?

Not entirely, the genre was invented in 1992 and many football management titles have been released. The biggest of these titles has has just sold 1m units for the 5th year running. Nordic, a smaller competitor posted $75m in revenue last year.

How big is market?

$500m* would be a conservative estimate. Our biggest online competitor has 100 million registered users. Even if we captured a small percentage of this market, we would be deemed quite successful. But we think there is an opportunity to be even bolder!

What is your USP?

We have a fresh approach (game play and business model wise). Our biggest would-be competitor failed to make their social game work - but it's baked into the design of our game. Finally we have a way for advertisers to market non-intrusively to a highly sought after demographic.

Can you pull this off?

We have one of the most reknowned football game programmer in the business as an advisor. Without any funding or full-time employees, we already have a lively community and proof of concept product.

Did you mention a token?

There is a limited supply ERC-20 token which is used for all transactions within the game. Advertisers also need this token to use the in-game advertising service.

* estimated by calculating total volume of FM17 official sales, Alexa web traffic statistics and
user base reports for the following online games: Top Eleven, Trophy Manager, Hattrick, Soccer Manager.

The Opportunity

Token Details

The Football President Token (FPX) is the only currency used across the platform. Every purchase, sale, exchange, or any other transaction on the platform will require the use of Football President Tokens. Some of the use cases for these tokens include:

Used by players to purchase access to private servers

Used in the virtual transfer market and stock exchange

Purchase of Clubs, Facilities and other assets

Used by advertisers to buy IGA spots in the game

The number of Football President Tokens will be limited. After the end of the crowd sale, we will mint one final issue of coins (10% of the all tokens ever sold). There will be no further tokens issued after this.

Pre Sale Details
Hard Cap 950,000 Funding Goal 760 ETH
Currencies Accepted ETH Exchange Rate 1250 FPX = 1 ETH
Min Transaction Amount 1 ETH Max Transaction Amount 30 ETH
Pre-sale funds will be used to kick start the development process and fund the marketing and administration of the crowd sale.
Crowd Sale Details
Hard Cap 2,650,000
Total Token Supply 4,000,000
Exchange Rate 900 FPX = 1 ETH
Funding Goal 2944 ETH
Individual Cap 20 ETH
Timeline Pre-Sale - TBA
Crowd Sale: 1 Jan 2018 - 1 Feb 2018*
* May be adjusted based on results of the proof of concept (see notes)
Bonuses Day 1: +5% bonus
Day 2: +3% bonus
Day 3: +2% bonus
Day 4+: no bonus

Please note that Football President Token is not a security or any other financial instrument and should not be considered as such.
Download SEC Howey Test Document

We have the following rules in place for the token sale:

  • There is a hard cap on the token sale.
  • If the tokens sell out before the end of the allotted sale period, we will finish the sale early and distribute the token to registered wallets immediately.
  • If we do not meet the target, token holders will exercise their vote to decide whether to refund or let development proceed on a different timeline.
  • We also have an individual cap to prevent too many tokens falling into the hands of a select few individuals.
  • Any bonus tokens earned will be transferred 6 months after the conclusion of the token sale.

Note about the pre-sale

We have managed to get this far all by ourselves without funds or the time to work on the project full-time. If the pre-sale funding target is met, it means we can get to work immediately.

Why is the pre-sale needed?

We want to show backers that this project can succeed every step of the way. Our plan is to pay a game designer and economics advisor to fine tune our game mechanics. These aspects are crucial to the success of any game.

Once the results are published, they can be added to the proof of concept and tested with the community. Before we distribute any further tokens, we have an opportunity to demonstrate how our early adopter fans react to our labour of love.

We hope to use that feedback to then design, launch and market the crowd sale using the remainder of our pre-sale warchest - in conjunction with you, the early backers.

Funding and Roadmap

The details below will give you a quick idea of how the proceeds of the token will be spent and to what timeline we are working. For more in-depth financial projections and roadmap, please refer to the white paper.

Use of Proceeds

Most of the token sale money will go directly towards the production and marketing of the game.

The biggest production cost is hiring the development, design and art direction team. The good news is that we already have a team that has worked together previously and excels at their job. We just need to cut them a pay cheque so they don't starve on the job.

A multiplayer online game needs a cloud based infrastructure and we also have the specifics of the ERC-20 token integration to deal with. These kinds of costs will cut into the infrastructure and admin budgets.

Sadly some of the funds raised will be required to set up a company, get the licenses and legal obligations to get this game released etc. But we'll ensure everything else goes directly into development.

Token Distribution

It's a relatively simple distribution. We have two phases of token sales by which point 90% of all the Football President tokens ever produced will have been sold.

The remaining 10% will be issued on completion of the token sale of which 2% will be paid to the advisors of the project immediately. The other 8% will be held within the smart contract and token holders will be able to release the tokens to the team and founders on completion of milestones.

We will make the smart contract for the token available on Github before the pre-sale begins so the community can inspect and audit it.

The ambitious plan for our ambitious project...

  • Launch Website and Publish Whitepaper / Pre-Sale

    December 2017

    We start as we mean to go with a busy month announcing the project and preparing for the crowd sale.

  • Crowd Sale and Proof of Concept Launch

    January 2017

    The crowd sale begins in January but exact dates will be coordinated with pre-sale token purchasers.

  • Development and Production Team Onboarding

    February 2018

    The weather might be terrible but we will lighten the mood by ramping up the development team.

  • Game Development and Token Integration

    Jan - September 2018

    We batten down the hatches and complete the demo started in January and integrate the ERC20 token.

  • Market Place Integration and Final Demo

    September 2018

    The trick task of balancing the game whilst the wider crypto community is involved

  • The moment you have been waiting for...

    November 2018

    The network is live and the game is available for download. The sweet pay off for all our hard work.

Frequently Asked Questions

If your question is not answered in the whitepaper or the question banks below, shoot us an email and we will try to help.

What will be the legal structure of your project?

Football President will be incorporated as a company in the Netherlands and will comply with Dutch business and tax law.

You mentioned you have a lot of well established competitors. How can you compete with them?

We also mentioned that there is audience fatigue building up with the latest few releases of our main competitor being panned by fans. Our strategy is to make the core game free and offer an experience players do not mind paying for. The ERC-20 token helps us achieve that. Our decades of experience in the games industry will help us create a compelling experience around the token.

When do you expect the product to be completed?

It's difficult to give an accurate estimate for any software project. We plan to release the game no later then November 2018 because our runway starts to get shorter by that point and it would be an awful shame to run out of time before the game is given a chance to succeed. The core services in our game have already been written but we have the match engine and other complicated milestones ahead. Our advisors and team's competence in developing these components previously will help.

What happens if you miss a milestone?

We will communicate the development progress with vigour! We plan to have someone whose sole responsibility will be to act as a liaison between the development team and the general public / token holders. So there will be an early warning if the velocity of the development ever slips. It should be worth mentioning that the development team only gets paid a basic wage. Any extra rewards are held in a smart contract and only token holders have the ability to release these funds!

How do you expect to become profitable?

The token model rewards the company because we can charge a transaction fee for every purchase made in the game. Additionally players pay a fee to start private servers. We expect working with advertisors and big ticket brands on co-branding and promotions will be our biggest income generator.

What happens if one of your competitors decide to steal your idea?

It's definitely a possibility that if our game is successful, one of our competitors, especially the web based games will decide to implement their own token. Alternatively since we'll have succeeded in a) creating a new business model and b) made social game play work, it's more likely they would be interested in acquiring us! We hope the early mover advantage and the fact we have such a unique concept will give us some breathing room.

Can you give me some background on how Football President is being built?

The high level overview is we have a cloud infrastructure which hosts the database. There are three different types of storage systems; a traditional SQL database for main game database, RethinkDB for messages and Redis instances for less persistent data. Players can download a Windows/Mac client which will connect to this cloud infrastructure. We use Electron to give us a cross platform application and the client is written using web technologies (e.g. Javascript). There is a backend API service which is written partially in PHP. NodeJS is used for the match server and we use web sockets for real time connectivity.

Where is this cloud infrastructure hosted?

Currently it's located in the free tier of Google Cloud as we are penny pinching but we will migrate to AWS. We have asked a Docker and cloud hosting specialist consultant to help deploy and manage our production environment. At the moment the entire process is manual.

Are you using an existing blockchain platform or are you building one of your own?

No we have no plans to create our own platform as it would not be needed for our project. We have an ERC-20 token therefore the project is based on Ethereum.

How do you intend to let people make purchases within the game?

This is quite tricky as we need to have full control over the user experience. We have already chosen to use Electron to build the game. We chose MetaMask to interact with Web3 because it's lightweight and user friendly. The idea will be to integrate the MetaMask browser plugin with the Chromium runtime that is bundled with Electron. Thankfully the Aragon project amongst others have already achieved this so we can reach out to them and others for assistance.

What about the match engine? Will it be 2D or 3D?

For the first iteration of the game, it will be a 2D match engine that we build based on a popular Javascript library such as Phaser. But the design of the match engine is such that the interface can later be changed for a better 3D experience.

One of the revenue streams for the game will be private servers? How does that work?

At the moment there is only one method available - connecting to the public servers but we know we can't run servers at the speed that will suit everyone. So the plan is to use a SQLlite database running on the player's local computer to host a copy of the main database. We still use our cloud infrastructure for everything else (multiplayer chat, transactions etc) but an API exposing the player's database will allow them to create private games for themselves or a select group of friends.

Why are you raising such a small amount?

Because honestly, it would be crazy for us to raise $30-40m when we don't need that amount and it wouldn't be prudent to back a novice team with so much money in the first place. There is nothing stopping us from raising money in the future to develop the game further if needed once we've proven that our concept and team's abilities beyond doubt

Would you raise further funds if needed from another token sale?

No, because there is a limited supply of the tokens and they will all have been distributed by the end of the crowd sale. We can sell equity in the company and raise funds the traditional way (venture capital) or alternatively open it up to players but whichever way we choose to do this, we won't be diluting the supply of the token by printing more.

Why didn't you build the game this way? Using Angel/VC funding?

Truthfully we tried. The problem is most investors do not have the risk appetite for investing in the games industry. It's notoriously difficult for a studio to raise funding and hard to create hits! Let's also be honest about this - most investors do not understand games either! They have no idea why a game that looks like a spreadsheet sells $30m+ yearly. They are more likely to invest in a sure bet though although at that point, if we ever needed them, we would able to dictate better terms than with an unfinished product.

What happens if you don't raise the full amount you want though?

We let the token holders decide. To be absolutely clear, the development of the game is the priority. So pre-sale funds will keep development going whilst we launch the main sale. If people do not buy these tokens then clearly the market does not believe in the opportunity, business model and team. At this point we can refund the tokens back to the purchasers but allow the smart contract to let token holders vote on any alternative road maps we can produce at that point.

So for example if you narrowly miss the goal or raise a substantial chunk, you'd want to continue developing?

Absolutely, that would be our preference. But of course the smart contract and majority of token holders will decide whether that will be the case. In any case, we would put forward an alternative road map, scale the features back and try to produce something that we can put to players and prove the concept could work. Since we have a supply of tokens that were not sold, we can work with the existing token holders to hold another crowd sale further down the line once we've reassured people that the project will work.

How many tokens (FPX) will I get for 1 ETH?

During the pre-sale you will receive 1000 FPX for 1 ETH. During the main crowd-sale that will be reduced to 500 FPX.

What currencies will you accept and what wallet should I use?

We will only accept Ethereum because FPX is an ERC-20 token. You can use all existing Ethereum clients such as the official Ethereum wallet, Mist,

Can I send my Ethereum from an exchange account?

No! You will not have access to your private keys on an exchange account (like Bittrex, Coinbase etc) and so you won't have access to your tokens either!

How much are you attempting to raise in the token sale?

We want to sell two batches of tokens. In the pre-sale, 950,000 FPX will be sold with a funding goal of 950 ETH. We will then sell 2,650,000 tokens in the main crowd sale with a funding goal of 5300 ETH. This will mean 90% of the available token supply will have been sold at this point.

What happens if you do not reach your funding goal?

Whatever is raised in the pre-sale will be used to launch the crowd-sale. If the crowd-sale objective is not met, the smart contract will allow the token holders to vote if all funds should be refunded to purchasers or whether the developers should be allowed to continue under a different road map.

Will FPX be available on exchanges?

It should be tradeable on Etherdelta and we will talk to other exchanges in due time.

Besides being used on the Football President platform, what other rights does the token give me?

10% of the available token supply will be minted after the crowd sale is completed. 2% of this is required to compensate our advisors. The remaining 8% remains in the smart contract and token holders can decide to release these funds to the founders and developers when milestones are achieved.

How do you know that your game concept will work?

Because we know the Football Managment genre well and what works with our audience. We also created a small proof of concept. It was ugly, it lacked features but people responded well. We've tested everything from audience acquisition to the virality of our game to make sure the concept is fully tested before it's developed.

How will people find out about the game?

Again because we know our audience well, we know how to reach them! The crowd sale itself will get the token into the hands of players. The crowd sale and social channels are the main player acquisition strategies but we also have a longer term marketing strategy and a special partnership that will be detailed in the white paper.

You have a special partnership?

We know full disclosure does not sound great but rest assured it's pretty straight forward and will be explained shortly. Sometimes deals take a little longer to get completed and we only want to report pure facts at this point.

How much will you be spending on marketing?

We've reserved 30% of the proceeds from the token sale for marketing. We wanted to be smart with our funds (putting enough into product development whilst retaining some for marketing) however we also have the unknown quantity of how our player base will develop with this crowd sale. So we have our marketing strategy and we'll adjust it when we have more data to make decisions on.

What about brands and advertisers?

That's a key part of our strategy. We have a natural advertising platform and we want to hire sales people to sell this directly to large brands. With our more nimble deployments compared to competitors, we can build custom solutions for advertisers which will get us into profitability a lot quicker. But again, developing a quality game and building a passionate fan base is the priority and will open up all these other possiblilities.

You have not yet listed any details about your team. How do we know and trust who is behind this?

We are aware that with recent issues (e.g. Confido Token Sale) that people do not trust faceless projects. We will allay any fears by releasing full team and advisor details shortly. We really do not have anything to hide except delays in concluding final agreements with individuals. This is expected for any pre-sale stage project.

What experience do you or your team have in making such games?

One of our advisors is extremely well known to anyone who has played Kick Off or Championship Manager. We have people who haved work on a game of this scale in the same genre. So there is reassurances that we have dealt with most of the problems that arise when you build a game like this: network connectivity, user interfaces, match engines etc.

How much will the team be rewarded?

Most of the production costs will be spent on recruiting designers, programmers and other staff associated with the development of the game. Apart from the basic salary that we pay these people to work on this project, there is a further 8% of FPX tokens that is divided amongst the founders and development team. This is held in a smart contract and not accessible to the team unless released by token holders. So we ensure that a) development goals will be aligned with player interests and b) the team is only rewarded once they achieve certain milestones.

Will we be able to verify who your team members and advisors will be?

Yes, of course. We are not exactly hiding any details, you can visit our main site (which sadly hasn't been updated in a while and follow the trail if you wish). We want to use the funds from the pre-sale to build a better web site to explain the Football President concept and before we start the sale we will publish the details of every member of the team and advisory board. You will be able to check us up on LinkedIn, call the founder, do whatever is needed to placate yourself that this is a real team and project.

Are you looking to hire anyone?

Yes, we are. We do not need testers however if you have relevant experience in this domain and feel excited about the challenge of building such a game, free free to shoot us a portfolio and a covering letter to

Apply for the Presale

Please add the Ethereum wallet address from which you will be making your contribution. This is the wallet address where your tokens will be sent to. The address needs to be ERC-20 compatible.

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